We recommend you to read carefully and thoroughly the booklet you downloaded before starting your project. Several readings might be required: this is an important step that will allow you to grasp the overall process but also smaller details, and to organize efficiently. That is the time when you will come up with your own ideas to customize your work. This maturation process should be a real enjoyment and will help you reach the result you expect from the time and the energy you spend in your project. In a few words: take your time!

If for any reason you have difficulties finding the required materials, don't panic! Go to your local stores, check internet websites selling new or used items: your aesthetic sense and your imagination will allow you to overcome this without frustration or disappointment. Even better: you will discover new suppliers and new items that you could use in forthcoming realizations. Take advantage of that opportunity to build a stock of floss and of various objects.

Embroidery is a time consuming activity. Your body is your first tool; comfort is crucial and justifies that you pay attention to it and improve it. Take care of your children's safety and do not leave scissors, needles or small objects such as flakes and beads within their reach.

This material aspect is actually easy to deal with, but it is much harder to find some free time in our busy schedules. But we all have the right to get that free time; claim it! My last point will be this: do not pressure yourself. Setting a deadline can be stimulating but can also generate stress. Find the right timing. Once again: take your time!

To help you realize your embroidery, we provide free tips and techniques about all the required stitches in this section. Mastering a stitch is a great achievement. You will get there with experience. It is a question of time, again! When you are still in a learning phase, remember that no manual technique is innate! We have all been to that point where our stitches are not equally tightened and even less equidistant! Patience and dedication will help you get better. Do not be too hard on yourself: perfection does not exist, all you can do is get closer to it... A little defect can bring charm and poetry to your embroideries!

We generally use DMC floss. This brand offers perennial products. Buying your floss gradually will have a lesser impact on your budget. But if you compare it to the time you spend embroidering, embroidery is actually a really cheap leisure!