Every fashion week, we all stay speechless before these beautiful embroidered clothing designed by the great Parisian couturiers. However a very few women can afford these outstanding clothings. But there is a way to expand this privileged circle: take out our needles and get started! Because we are very likely to have the qualities and talents to undertake the completion of these so feminine embroideries. Sometimes a spark is enough to dare...

Our concept : to propose, on the basis of around thirty stitches and techniques among the simplest, six collections of dozens creations for fashion or home decoration, in the purest spirit of French refinement. You certainly know most of these stitches and techniques. But just in case, or if you need to learn them, we provided our own library of stitches and techniques, where you can download pdfs for free, to learn and to practice at your own pace.

But back to our creations: each of them has been explained in a detailed booklet (a Crea'doc), downloadable in a few clicks. This Crea'doc will provide you more than simple desire: ambition! It also will give you all the necessary information to complete the embroidery you covet: list of materials, pattern tracing, templates at real size, detailed instructions and also professional advices, many photos... Efficency and autonomy guaranteed ! It will provide you with hours and hours of entertainment at each step of the creation process.

Now, whether you are a beginner or an experienced embroiderer, Talent-Aguille will offer you the opportunity to reproduce easily affordable embroideries, according to your needs, your likes, your free time. Visit our collections, make your shopping, and build your own style. Never forget that embroidery is a popular art! Come visit regularly our website to check for new creations!